Monte' Irvin
By: Kevin Brown

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This is Monte Irvin he plays for the New York Giants.

Lets start with the facts!!!

1. Monte' Irvin was born in Kentucky and he played for the New York Giants.

2. Monte' Irvin position was outfielder And Pitcher.

3. Monte' Irvin made it onto the Hall of Fame when he retired.

4. Monte' Irvin died when he was 96 years old in age.

5. Monte Irvin height was 6'2

6. Monte Irvin retired in 1948.

7.  Monte' Irvin was the first black man to ever play in a all-star game.

8. Monte' Irvin was in the 500 home run club.

9. Monte' Irvin team had won the series.

10. Monte Irvin went to Kansas University.

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