Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong was born August 4,1901. His hometown was New Orleans,LA  in the poor section he's nickname was Battlefield.Louis had a hard childhood his father work as a factory worker and soon the family. Later on he found out that his mother was frequently a prostitute  and left him with his grandmother. When he was in the fifth grade he had to drop out of school and find work. Louis job was to collect junk for the Karnofskys family they also encouraged him to start to sing.

In 1914, the home released him, and he immediately began dreaming of a life making music. While he still had to work odd jobs selling newspapers and hauling coal to the city's famed red-light district, Armstrong began earning a reputation as a fine blues player.In 1918 Louis got married to Daisy Parker a  prostitute during that time Louis adopted a three year old child  named Clarence  they lived happily ever after the end.

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