Unit 3 Building Block 2

To Declare Independence or Not

Big Idea:

  • Individuals influence government in a variety of ways.
  • Unresolved differences between groups of people have led to citizens rebelling against governments.
  • People express their culture in history through art, architecture, literature and music.

Building Block Overview:

Students will learn about six prominent colonists, who are either Loyalists or Patriots. In the Preview, students will examine the role of government in their lives and will identify Patriot and Loyalists views about Great Britain’s rule of the colonies. In a Problem Solving Groupwork activity, student groups represent the six historical figures in a panel debate between Loyalists and Patriots. In Reading Further, students practice presenting part of Patrick Henry’s most famous speech and create their own Patriot and Loyalist rallying cries. In the Processing activity, students write letters supporting and disputing the views of Patriots and Loyalists.

Student Outcomes:

  • I can identify significant individuals and their contributions during the Revolutionary War.
  • I can explain how examples of art, music, and literature reflect the times during which they were created.
  • I can explain the contributions of the Founding Fathers to the development of the national government.

1.  Lesson Guide Preview, p. 137

2.  Lesson Guide Building Background Knowledge, p. 137

3.  Lesson Guide Problem Solving Group work, p. 138  Note:  The panel debate, #1-6 is very difficult for some students.  Sometimes I choose to do the Lesson Guide Processing , p. 140, instead as described in the 2nd bullet under "Tips for Success".

4.  Lesson Guide Reading Further, p. 139

5.  Lesson Guide Processing, p. 140

**Tips for Success:  

  •   If time allows, using a Communication tool such as the camera on the tablets, record the student discussions and debates.
  • After students complete the Student Interactive Notebook handouts 11A-C, they can prepare a letter as described in the Processing activity on p. 140 to replace the Panel Debate. Students must complete the reading notes before they can write the letter. Follow the lesson in the lesson guide. If students have difficulty preparing for the panel debate, they can do the processing activity instead. The processing activity consists of a letter supporting or disputing arguments by Patriots or Loyalist. Students can pick one side and write one letter from that perspective.