Online Safety Tips

1.) Always think

Make sure before you post anything you think about it first.  What you post may affect your life in the future and may offend others.

2.)Be nice

Be nice to other people.  If they make you mad just block them and leave.  If it gets really bad tell an adult you trust.

3.) Don't tell your personal information

You never put personal information anywhere without permission from your parents or teacher.  This one of the reasons of Identity theft, once someone steals your identity it is very hard to get back.

4.) Don't agree to meet offline

Meeting offline is very dangerous, even if you think you know the person they might be lying the hole time.  Always tell your parents if someone says they want to meet offline, then talk about it with your parents.

5.) Keep safe and have fun

Have fun on the internet, just be wary of dangerous situations.  A suggestion is to not download anything without having anti-virus installed.  

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