Greatest Football Players

By Jack Parker

Pele was the greatest player to ever live, he won three world cups for his country Brazil and scored 77 goals for Brazil. He played an attacking midfield (cam).

Zinedine Zadane was a French centre mid (cm). He is the best French Midfielder ever to take the field. He is mostly know for his vicious head butt during a Football match.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a Football star with his fast feet for Real Madrid. He won the prize in 2013 of footballer of the year.

Ozil is my favourite player he plays for Arsenal and he played 119 minutes in the world cup final for Germany. He plays Centre attacking midfielder. (CAM)

Mario Gotze scored the winning goal for Germany which  lead them to win the Football World Cup the greatest Football honour. He plays Centre Attacking Midfielder. (CAM)

Diego Maradona was an Argentina legend as a player and a coach. The position he played was an centre attacking  midfielder (CAM). He was most know for his hand of god that he did.

James Rodriguez is a Columbia star he won the golden boot at the World Cup with 5 goals. He plays Centre Attacking Midfielder. (CAM)

Di maria is known for his rabona's he played for Argentina in the World Cup. He  

Manuel Neuer is the best keeper in the world he pulled off some great saves in the World Cup winning the Golden Gloves.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is known for his awesome goals, sadly his country Sweden didn't make it to the World Cup. He plays Striker.

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