Inferences From The Pied Pipers Magic
by: Steven Kellogg
Steven Battle

There is a boy names Peterkin. He is an elf that is looking for work to do. He came upon a old women, her name was Elbavol. She was a retired witch. She was always sad and gloomy. In the sentence, "I'm a retired witch who was a worthless witch. She feels worthless.

My Inference is that she is sad and gloomy because nobody took her serious when she was a working witch. She never got paid and she was poor and lonely for most of her life after she retired. She felt like they treated her wrong.

Peterkin wanted to do work for free so they old lady gave him a magical horn that she never used. After he finished he went on his way. He tried the horn out and it worked. Ever since he found out it worked, he has been using it to help out people with there problems.

My inference is that he is a kind and helpful person because some people would take the horn for granted but he helped out people with there needs.

The elf was looking for work but all along, he was doing work by helping out people. If he flips. Just like when he plays d-e-e-r, it changes to r-e-e-d, when he flips upside down.

My Inference is that he plays with it sometimes when he isn't helping someone.

The elf helps the Grand Duke because he is always grumpy and sleepy. The Grand Duke thought it was impossible to get all the rats out.

My Inference is that he doesn't know about the magical horn.

The elf helped out the whole village because he likes to work and help people. He says "this horn is my best friend and pal, he will go with me everywhere"

My inference is that he loves the horn and he will never let it leave his side.

My conclusion is that the elf mostly helped out the Grand Duke and he play Elbavol backwards which is l-o-v-a-b-l-e.

My conclusion and inference is that the elf made it so that Elbavol and the Grand Duke in love. They lived happily ever after. They both smiled.

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