Manuel Noriega

When he was young he was accepted into the Chorillos Military Academy in Lima, Peru. While he was in Peru, he was recruited by the United Stated to provide intelligence to the American military agents. That is how his relationship with The united states intelligence community began. He was first a sub-lieutenant in the Panamanian National Guard in 1962, and was promoted to first lieutenant in 1968. Colonel Omar Torrijos Herrera became the new dictator and was Noriega's mentor. He was promoted to lieutenant colonel while under Omar Torrijos dictatorship. He was Torrijos right-hand man when it came to Panamas intelligence operations. Noriega used brutal methods to gain political power, like harassing and sometimes even executing Torrijos’ enemies. After Torrijos died, Noriega became a powerful and feared little on his own, and even though he supported the presidency of Nicolas Barletta, but soon he was removed when Barletta began an investigation of controversial and secret operations. Thus, making him the new leader where he was Panama's new dictator.

He ran a corrupt puppet government until the United States drove him out in 1990. He had a military - dictatorship because he was a military general while he ran the country.

He didn't really have any domestic priorities, it was mainly all about himself. He was known for fixing elections and stamping out protests that did not meet his political agenda. He was major in drug-trafficking so I think that he wanted to get panama involved in it so he wouldn't have to take all the blame.

He was friends with the US. He was recruited as a CIA informant while studying at his military academy in Peru. He aloud the US to set up listening posts in Panama and by helping the us campaign against the leftist Sandinista regime in Nicaragua. Noriega’s brutality was increasing and this turned him into a liability. Noriega was charged with drug trafficking and racketeering and the CIA took him off their Payroll.

He was in the news for how he fall from power. He was never the actual president of Panama, but he was also the key figure from 1983-1989. He was also a key US ally for four decades. He was famous for drug trafficking and was indicted in the US federal court for charges on drug trafficking. On January 3, 1990, he surrendered . He was flown to the U.S. with POW (prisoner of war) status. He was sentenced to jail for 17 years and in 2007 he concluded his sentence in the Miami federal jail. In march of 2010 the US supreme court agreed to extradite him to Paris, where he faced more money-laundering charges. He was then sentenced to 7 more years in jail. The french court approved him to be sent home to Panama, where he was convicted of murder, corruption, and embezzlement.


He is the most infamous CIA informant of them all, because he is know in jail for things he was trying to prevent.

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