My Snow Day

#caatech #xroadsDITL2015

My snow day, I woke up looked outside saw it wasn't that much snow I asked my mom why we didn't have any school we went to school with that much of snow yesterday. She told me shut up and get dressed. I got dressed I dressed my little brother and woke my sisters up to get dressed and we all went to Ihop and ate breakfast with hot coco. Then we went to the mall for my sister prom dress fitting. I was tired, I couldn't wait to get home. Once we got home I undressed got in the shower and put my xmas pj's on, turned the tv on and watched Disney Channel until I went to sleep.

I woke up around 6 and smelled baked cookies I went to the kitchen and my mom told me she made cookies and ice-cream out of snow. Then me and my sisters walked around to the block to go make some money then 7'oclock hit and we went back in the house got ready for school, ate dinner. My boyfriend came and we watched the movie LIFE. We went to sleep and at 10 I woke up got in the shower ate some cookie's and went back to sleep with bae.

By: Yahnae Hankins