Brandon Weeden FIRED from Football Team

One fan calls this"Abominal!"

C-Town BeatDown Fires once beloved quarterback.

In a move much precedented and expected around the league, Brandon Weeden has been fired from one Fantasy Football team in Cleveland Ohio.

When drafted, and until last season started, the Browns and their fans held the aged quarterback in high regards. Unfortunately, that marriage fell apart quickly. This year's season started with much the same fervor, until Brandon lost all four games he started this year, three of which could have been won with a University of Akron Softball Pitcher under center.

The 3-4 season for both the Browns, and C-Town Beatdown has been a disappointment thus far. We have confirmed that Browns themselves have inquired with UofA Softball coach, Julie Jones, for any hurlers that can throw overhand, as an addition to the Brown's squad this fall.

The owner of C-Town Beatdown, Bill Ridler was quoted last night... When prompted what took him so long to make this decision, he replied, "Our power has been out for the last two days in Lyndhurst, so I couldn't access my computer to see if any other mediocre quarterbacks were still available to add as my back-up to Peyton Manning for next week's BYE!"

Truly, a sad day in Cleveland Sports History.