Want to make cool video's also?

You can make cool videos like this while making money. Its called Film And Video Editors. They help make/create cool videos like this and get paid for it.

California   Hourly $23.99  $39.32  $56.88      Monthly $4,157  $6,814  $9,857               Yearly   $49,910  $81,790  $118,310

Oregon   Hourly $15.89  $16.67  $31.40         Monthly $2,754  $2,889  $5,442     Yearly $33,060   $34,670  $65,304

Washington Hourly $21.66  $27.20  $31.55     Monthly $3,754  $4,714  $5,468            Yearly    $45,056  $56,566  $65,635                      


Sometimes you may work irregular hours to meet deadline. You put the most interesting parts of a video or movie together. You often almost always use computers. You usually start making somewhere around $34,670 per year (Oregon)

Education requirements

At least a bachelor's degree. Knowledge of producing, sharing and  delivering info/entertainment. Knowledge of computers and software used. Of how products are made. English language-such as spelling and proper grammar. And also Fine arts.

Future outlook for career

After about 4 to 10 years of training/experience you can become an independent contractor. Allows you to offer services on a per-job basis. You can set own fees and make more money this way.   

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