Film Fridays

Who? ... All Pre-AP and On-Level World History Classes

What? ... watching films

Where? ... in the lecture hall

When? ... Friday May 1, 8, 15 and 22

Why? ... to bring to life the causes, characteristics, and effects of WWI and WWII (wars that changed history and largely shaped the life you live!)

What to do when you arrive...

  • You will show up on time to the lecture hall
  • You will sign in with your teacher in person before taking a seat.
  • You will then proceed to your assigned seating section.

Note: Failure to sign in with your teacher will result in being marked "absent"

NOTICE: No technology of ANY KIND is allowed to be out while in the Lecture Hall.

*This includes cell phones, iPads or other tablets/e-readers, computers, music players, headphones, etc.

So, what's the point?

The purpose of viewing these films is to enhance your knowledge and understanding of two wars that changed history and largely shaped the world in which you live. This is NOT an opportunity to sleep, surf the web, count down the days till summer, work on other assignments, or do anything else; it is expected that you will actively watch these films and learn something! (notes are encouraged and may be taken on paper).

Is this a grade?

The short answer is, yes.

Each film will have 1-2 associated comprehension questions. The questions will be posted to your teacher’s Blackboard page at 4pm on Fridays. You will have until Sunday at midnight to complete the question(s).

  • To clarify: you will not know the questions prior to watching the film. Pay attention. Notes are recommended and may be taken on paper.

Although there will be a discussion for each film, only ONE of those discussions will be taken for a daily grade. Your teacher will randomly choose which week to grade (it may not be the same for every student or class period), so it is suggested that you do complete each assignment to the best of your ability.


FAQ: What if I miss a Friday?

  • You will not be required to make up watching the film, or completing the discussion question. That week’s assignment will not be eligible for your personal assignment grading.

FAQ: What if the content makes me uncomfortable?

  • Please take advantage of the video links being pre-posted to gauge whether or not the content of the film will be appropriate for you. Please let your teacher know ahead of time if you will need an alternate assignment. If something disturbing comes up during the film, please see your teacher immediately as to not prolong the disturbance.

FAQ: What if I have an emergency? What if I am expecting an important phone call?

  • If you anticipate needing to talk to an adult/parent/doctor/etc., you must inform your teacher prior to the start of class. It is at his/her discretion to determine how to handle the situation from there.

FAQ: What lunch are we having? (4th period classes only)

  • Lunches will alternate between C and A over the weeks. Please consult your teacher’s class calendar as these are subject to change.

FAQ: What if I need to go to the bathroom?

  • Bathroom breaks will only be allowed for emergencies while in the Lecture Hall. Use your passing period to take care of this.

FAQ: My teacher normally lets me have a snack. Can I have a snack in the lecture hall?

  • There is absolutely no food or drink to be allowed in the lecture hall. 4th periods should finish their lunches prior to entering the lecture hall for class. Absolutely no trash should be left behind, food related or otherwise.

FAQ: Is this a grade?

  • Yes, this is a grade. Please see the explanation above.

NOTICE: While in the lecture hall, you will receive direction and instruction from teachers that might not be your own. It is expected that you will treat all the World History teachers with respect. Failure to comply with any teacher’s request will result in detention.