Films of World War I

Some say that films featuring World War One have changed the realm of movies from the raw emotion displayed in each one. Others argue it is because it was the action inside the movie that had never been shown before on the movie screen. But still others think it is because movies became a source of information. Regardless, these films did change movies forever. In fact, "war and cinema" became a whole new style of film. All of these films of World War One were the first war to be fought in front of a camera making these films having many firsts.

In the films there are so many different things shown such as how the soldiers were truly affected by post traumatic stress disorder or more often known as "shell shock".  Also shown in these movies is the new weaponry that was devoloped during World War One such as trench warfare , machine guns, and chemical weapons. Another idea shown in all of these movies are the poor conditions that soldiers were living in.  In the creation of trenches came with many soldiers dying of diseases being spread through the narrow places.

Top WWI movies

1. Paths of Glory, 1957

2. Lawrence of Arabia, 1962

3. All Quiet on the Western Front, 1930

4. The African Queen, 1951

5. Legends of the Fall, 1994

6. A Very Long Engangment, 2004

7. A Farewell to Arms, 1932

8. Aces High, 1976

9. Gallipoli, 1981

10. Warhorse, 2011

By:Kelly McDonnell