Jamiya's Beautiful Life

This is my siblings. My big brother Quin, 21, my big sister Tiana, 16, and my little sister Lakayla, 12. My big brother and sister's are my half siblings while my little sister is my full-blood sister.

My Arkansan Life.

I was born in McGhee, Arkansas at 7:00 in the morning at McGhee hospital. I was a happy baby, I have been told by many. I was sometimes visited by my mom's friends at my Daycare if they had a bad day. So I have always loved people. I lived in Dermott, Arkansas and we moved to Monticello, Arkansas when my little sister was born in '01. It was a little street called Indian Mound. I was raised around my God-Aunt and cousins, which happened to be my moms best friend's Family, they had two boys and an oldest girl. Their names were Will ,who is currently 16, Zadrian, who is 14 which is my age, and Qui, who is 25. So I guess I can call them my lifetime best friends. I am from the country so it was okay to intrude on nearby farm and play with the horses and feed them grass and apples. I am a Southern Belle, I'm loud, rambunctious, and outspoken, like most Arkansans. I loved the fact of having the woods in my backyard, seeing animals as you journey through your own imaginative jungle. Night rides on my Paw-Paw's four-wheeler, family gatherings almost every weekend. It was a good life to be raised in. Well when my little sister turned 3 we were gonna get the chance of our lives.

Moving to Texas

Moving to Texas was honestly the biggest step I ever took in my life. My big sister had to stay in Arkansas to finish up school in Monticello so I kind of did miss her. Texas was much different than I thought. No gallon hats, not a lot of really distinct southern accents, no REAL Walker, Texas Ranger. Me being from the deep and dirty south really didn't like the change and honestly I've hated change ever since. They didn't play Zydeco music or Country music as much as I thought. We moved into a Town House in North Arlington and it was a weird transition... no one could understand me. Literally. I had such a thick Country-Cajun accent and I spoke so fast I didn't have it easy making friends.

Likes and Dislikes.

-I wanted to become an owner of a Orangutan Preserve

-I loved the color green because I enjoyed trees

-I loved the number 7 because of 7/11

- I hate Sherbet ice cream

-I hate chocolate milk and anything chocolate FLAVORED that is not chocolate itself

Moving Again.

When I finally get comfortable in our town house and made friends, we move. I repeat, I've always hated change so moving really sucked for a 2nd grader like me at the time. We moved to south Arlington to a nice two-story house that was beautiful. You think moving was the difficult part, it was the school that was gruesome the first week. Pearcy Elementary... I wasn't the happiest moving away meaning I wasn't the nicest. Yes I was a mean, angry, frumpy little child. I made friends, even best friends. Though these people I barely see or talk to anymore, they made a big impact in my life. They showed me that I had a home with them. Well they don't call Life "The Dream-crusher" for nothing.

So I do in fact move again. In 5th grade I had to pick up and pack up and spend my last semester and 6th grade at Ashworth. I just became so detached from attempting to keep my friends because I moved so many times. My parents promised this was the last place we'll live until my little sister goes to college. We even got to paint our rooms! I just didn't know what to expect from Ashworth, so I came with my guard up. From the minute I stepped in the class, I was immediately bullied. It sucked major because it seem like almost nobody was trying to get to know me. Even the teachers would be mean to me. I was so busy pushing everyone away from how they treated me, rather than talking to them and letting them get to know me. I also made the bestest friend. We were almost inseparable.

"You're Moving Again???"

Me and Lexuis when we were like 12.

Well... now.

Since middle school felt like 6th grade twice really I didn't really go the extra mile in my project for it, all I can say is I met some really fascinating people and people who taught me character. Well since you know my life here's a few pics and facts about me.

My Old Volleyball Passion (I still got it!)

Me(Back) Jackie Moreno(#6) and other people lol!
Le Volleyball Sexy Pose.
Me in my serious stand
7th grade volleyball team
Me and my "Booski" Maddyson Rose(#18)
My last volleyball team :,( Miss them.

My Beautiful Country Family!

My mom and dad two years ago.
Them now! 17 years strong!
Mommy, Dad and I in Panda Town in Atlanta.
Me and my big sister Tiana at CNN Studios in Atlanta.
My little sister Lakayla and I at the Drive In movies.
My Beautiful GodSister Sommer.
My little replica Aminah. She's my cousin.
Memaw Lillie Mae (right) and R.I.L My Angel Memaw Sammie (left)
Dad,Tiana,Kayla,Kim,Aminah,Terry,and me.
Me and Kinize.
Me and Semaj.

Last but not least... My Best Friend <3

You inspire me to be someone great, well little did you know you are one of the greats to me. You make me a better me, such a positive influence you are with such light happy personality. I never thought I'd get so close to you over the past two years. I come to school most of the time just to make sure your are never alone or I'm not without my second half. When boys trouble me, you're always there. When I'm down, which is scarcely, you're always there to bring me back up. You keep high spirits and that's the kinda person I need in my life. I feel like I can tell you anything...

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