Unit 1

My Name is Adrian Chacon In Ms.Clayton's First period

Unit 1 is about E-mails and Blogs we learned what an E-Mail was and how to send one to another person.We also learned how to create a Blog and update the Blog.

Unit 2

The second unit was about  Digital Photography.We used digital cameras and we learned all about the digital cameras.

Unit 3

Unit 3 was all about presentations like keynote and things.we learned how to present for classmates and how to create a presentation.

Unit 4

Was all about video production so we learned how to use a video camera and its stand you know the the tree leg thing yeah that.we also did some stop motion animation with the same cameras.

Unit 5

Unit 5  was all about sound engineering.So we learned how to change music and sounds we also learned how to chop up music and take it out and ass in new music we also learned how to fade out and fade in.

Unit 6

Unit 6 Was all about photoshop witch was very fun indeed. We learned how how to take two photos and put them together and we learned how to take only one part of a photo out and replaced it we learned how to move objects into different positions for certain things and we learned hoe to stretch and shrink objects.

This a photo i made of a duck with a chicken in photoshop its called a duckster.

Unit 7

Unit 7 Was all about Desktop Publishing we created a flyer and a company with a logo.We also created a poster for which ever collage you choose.Here is mine

Unit 8

Unit 8 was all about animation we learned how to animate objects and make them move from here to there and back and we learned stop motion witch we used the cameras for that.

Unit 9

Unit 9 was all about Fashion Design we learned all about fabrics such as leather cotton denim ect. We also learned how to design cloths and we made our own fashion portfolio.Click HERE to see mine.

Unit 10

Finally unit 10 was all about game design the one we were so desperately wanting it was fun.We learned about game mechanics and why made up a good game and even how to create our ver own flash game.This unit was the funnest of all.out of my opinion.