Findawayer Friends Reunion!

Saturday, October 4th   3:00-?  @ CB's House & Garage Bar

Let's get together to catch up, see how we've grown (companies & families) and have some fun!  So, come one - or come all to CB's house and newly-opened garage bar on Saturday October 4th.  Bring your family, bring your friends.  And, please bring a side dish or dessert to share.  Also, please RSVP and/or comment below so we know how many will be joining the fun.  

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Mark Ciccero 3 years ago

not sure if it will be just me or the crew at this point.

Jackie Bockmuller (+2) 3 years ago

I forgot about a clambake we committed to that night so we will be closer to 3 and stay for a couple hours before heading to the next event! :)

Mike Belsito (+2) 3 years ago

We'll be there! We have another party on the east side that night, too, but we'll party hop with EJB...

Dana & Nick (+1) 3 years ago

As usual, we'll be late (7ish) but looking forward to seeing everyone!

? Gene 3 years ago
Jen Leombruno 3 years ago

Sorry I can't make it! Have fun!

Dan Klammer 3 years ago

Sounds fun. I'm supposed to close on my house that following Monday—so I'll be moving.

Aubs 3 years ago

So bummed we can't make it, we'll be enjoying a little babymoon fun. Will miss catching up with everyone!

Blake 3 years ago

Shit. Michelle and I already have an event that night. :(

Robert Hatta 3 years ago

Wahhhhhhhhhh. Sorry I can't make it. I was going to drop $20's on you bitches. But I have the kids that weekend solo, while Meg is out of town...

emily koehler 3 years ago

nooooo :( i'm going to be in Nashville this weekend! i want a rain check!

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