"Finding" Poetry in the
Space-Time Continuum

Welcome to the Flipped portion of the ELA session for Boot Camp!

We can't wait to meet you & work with you to make poetry personal, accessible, & amazing for both you and your students! Your tasks to prepare for our session are simple. For starters, watch the short video below to help navigate this site and get directions for the flipped portion of this session.

Step One

READ the two passages by Elie Wiesel. Each is hyperlinked in the title.

Excerpt from Weisel's Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech, 1986

"A God Who Remembers" 2008

Step Two

In the spirit of Wiesel, think of one issue you feel that we cannot afford to be silent about. Please go to our sessions Padlet (see below) wall and share your thoughts on the subject.

Step Three

Almost there! Please select and photocopy one page from one of your favorite novels. It does not matter what page, but ideally, it would be a page from somewhere deep within the action- a page filled with words (i.e. NOT a title page or a partially filled page). Do not worry yourself with finding "the perfect page," just pick a page and roll on! Even though we will tie our lesson with the reading for the session, do not feel that the novel you choose must relate thematically to the Wiesel pieces we have asked you to read. Please bring the copy with you to our session on the 16th.

We can't wait to see what you've chosen and to show you all the amazing connections you can make with your students! See you soon!