Some of the Finest Ways to Enjoy the Upcoming 2015 IPL

The 8th Indian Premier League is just around the corner, and every cricket fan in India, and all over the globe, can be seen counting hours left for the tournament to begin. With just 1 day to go for the much awaited 2015 IPL tournament, everyone is all set with jerseys and flags in order to support their favorite IPL team.

With the first match starting on 8th (just a couple of days away), several people have started making plans with their near and dear ones in order to meet up and enjoy the first match together. The first match would be played between Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders at 8pm. However, people are finding it confusing to find out the best way to watch IPL 2015 from various options like watching it on Sony television or going to a pub/sports bar, or just streaming it online. Here is a bit more detailed information as to how you can make the best of the upcoming IPL tournament.

  • Home sweet home

There is no better way to watch the much awaited IPL tournament than to just switch on your TV set, lie down on your favorite couch and watch the match while chewing on some chips. No rules, no restrictions, it’s your home and you can do whatever it is that you want. Not like other pubs where you aren’t allowed to cheer loudly for the team you love.

  • The Pub feel

Watching the IPL amongst other cricket fans cheering as loud as possible is a feeling like no other. Pubs are places where you would find several others cheering and supporting the team you love and this gives you the feeling of being one of the lot, and not making you feel as if you are the only one rooting for your team.

  • Screening with friends

There is no better way to enjoy the IPL tournament than with your closest friends. Be it cheering for the same team or supporting different teams, it is always fun to watch such matches with people you feel the most comfortable with.