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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A wedding is probably the most beautiful, cherished, and momentous occasion of a person’s life. Wedding photographs are always charming to look at , and it makes sense that people would want to hire the best person they can afford to do this job. Advancement in camera and lens technology has brought photography a long way. Every couple wants something fun and unique that truly reflects their day.

If you are looking for wedding photographers in Kerry, then you should check out Dennigan Photography. This studio belongs to Pauline Dennigan who is a licensed, insured professional photographer. Her bold artistic vision and photo-journalistic talent has won her regional and national recognition.

When Pauline is doing a photo shoot wether it be pre-wedding, wedding, or post-wedding, she makes sure that each photo is imaginative and authentic. Having been in this business for 16 years, she understands what photography is all about. But more than that, she is very passionate about it. Her dedication and skill are evident in the kind of work she produces. For weddings, she specializes in relaxed, candid, un-posed photography. She has a passion for shooting memorable, eye catching images and makes sure to use the highest quality cameras and lenses. 95% of the time, she doesn’t use flash because she believes that such harsh light can really destroy the image’s naturalness.

Having rich experience in public relations and portrait photography, she is a thorough expert in the field. She waits around patiently and always captures special moments with perfection. She has a Diploma in Photography, from Kevin St. DIT. Although there are many photographers in Killarney, she is a licensed and insured member of the Irish Professional Photographers Association and has received 8 Gold Awards from them.

In choosing the correct person to capture your special moment, Pauline advises that it is important to conduct thorough research. You should request to see a portfolio and see the kind of work that they specialize in, which might be very different from what you had in mind. After you have seen the work of a few photographers, you should then compare other things like good customer care.

Pauline is a very friendly person and she takes all client requests into consideration and tries to follow them to whatever extent is possible. She takes pics in RAW format, but provides these files to you in Jpeg format for ease of use and ready to print. For more information, visit

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