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Maintaining the Firminy Equity Fund and Subfund

About Firminy Capital Sarl

Firminy Capital Sarl provides securities fund management for a number of fiduciary estates in the country of Luxembourg. The limited liability firm maintains registration with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register (ID No. B-133838) and adheres to the country’s regulatory policies, including the Trust and Fiduciary Law. Firminy Capital Sarl of Capellen, Luxembourg, manages the Firminy Equity Fund F.T., which includes a number of subfunds, among them the Arabian Gulf Series 1. A property development securities risks fund, Arabian Gulf Series 1 features an initial issuing price of €125,000 per share.

Incorporated in 2007, Firminy Capital Sarl was formed with the objective of investing in Luxembourg-based and foreign business enterprises, as well as transferable securities and cash-backed assets. The limited liability firm’s executive team also offers investments and business development counsel to start-up and established industrial and commercial companies and to entrepreneurs seeking initial venture funding. To ensure investor confidence, the firm maintains established relationships with several leading financial institutions, a top chartered accountant, and a major law firm.

The AFME’s Global ABS 2015 Conference in Barcelona

As the administrator of a private securitization fund, Firminy Capital Sarl maintains a dedication to helping clients engage in safe and successful securitizations. Firminy Capital Sarl is a well-established equity investment firm headquartered in Luxembourg with oversight from the Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME).

In June of 2015, the AFME cohosted Global ABS 2015 at the Barcelona International Convention Center in Spain, where more than 3,500 financial professionals and members of the regulatory community assembled to discuss European securitization market strategies with the goal of achieving strong future growth and performance. The conference also featured dialogue on important policies in the broader financial sector.

During the three-day conference, participants enjoyed sessions that explored a variety of securitization-related topics, including how securitization can provide relative value and the role of securitization in funding and capital management. Keynote speeches were delivered by leaders in the European financial industry, such as Dr. Fernando Gonzalez from the European Central Bank and Raoul Ruparel, codirector at Open Europe.

Full Circle Renewables - Market Based Renewable Commodities Strategies

For nearly a decade, Firminy Capital Sarl has managed the Firminy Equity Fund, a private securitization fund that helps investors mature their assets through risk-valued securities products. Based in Luxembourg, Firminy Capital Sarl operates a number of sub-funds, such as the Alternative Energy Series 1 sub-fund, which it structured in collaboration with the experts at Full Circle Renewables (FCR).

FCR, an independent power producer registered with the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee, is a leading provider of Market Based Renewable Commodities (MBRC) strategies that support the energy sector and enrich the environment while creating revenue, energy security, and jobs in the United States. According to FCR, its MBRC strategies enable the company to meet the demand for renewable energy through transactional models that effectively generate liquidity.

FCR explains that it systematizes a commodities focus for reliable, high-quality energy products by diversifying the company’s product portfolio, going on to note that product reliability is an essential component of its MBRC strategy. FCR leverages its established trading platforms, trading relationships, and reliable energy production to facilitate transactions and create liquidity.

Customer Requirements and an Overview of Clearstream

Based in Luxembourg, Firminy Capital Sarl has offered fund fiduciary and securities fund services since 2007. Firminy Capital Sarl lists its four sub-funds—which focus the areas of Arabian Gulf investments, alternative energy, global smart cities, and Brazil Bahamas assets--on financial listing systems like Clearstream.

A subsidiary wholly owned by Deutsche Borse, Clearstream was founded in 2000 and has become one of Europe’s leading suppliers of post-trading services. With about 2,500 customers in more than 110 countries, Clearstream maintains over 300,000 domestic and internationally traded bonds and settles hundreds of thousands of securities transactions every day. Recognized for its leadership and excellence in the industry, it has received awards from top third-party organizations, including Global Custodian Magazine and Goodacre.

To become a member in either Clearstream Banking AG, a German central securities depository, or Clearstream Banking SA, an international central securities depository, companies must fulfill a number of requirements in addition to submitting specific customer and account application forms. For example, companies must supply their Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act self-certification form, register, and most recent annual report, among other documentation.

Clearstream has strict know-your-customer requirements to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing and thus prohibits shell banks with no physical presence and anonymous accounts.

Clearstream - A Leading Platform Used in Securities Trade

Headquartered in Luxembourg, Firminy Capital Sarl manages the private securitization fund Firminy Equity Fund. Within the fund, Firminy Capital Sarl oversees Arabian Gulf Series 1, a sub-fund listed on Clearstream.

An award-winning international central securities depository (ICSD) in Luxembourg, Clearstream offers financial institutions and professionals a platform on which to conduct securities trade. Its Frankfurt location, a central securities depository, handles predominantly German securities. Overall, the company supports global financial markets and continues to receive high credit ratings from industry authorities.

More recently, Clearstream excelled in Global Custodian magazine’s 2015 Agent Banks in Major Markets Survey, scoring higher than the ICSD average in multiple categories. It was also rated 6.04 out of 7 in Global Custodian’s Tri-Party Securities Financing Survey in the category of Understanding Business Needs. Prior to that, the securities depository was recognized by the Systems in the City Awards, presented by Goodacre, as best third-party fund custodian.

Global Leaders Consider Making Alternative Energy a Priority in 2016

The registered security funds managed by Firminy Capital Sarl cover a range of industries. Specifically, Firminy Capital Sarl manages a sub-fund called the Alternative Energy Series.

The conversation around alternative energy became international news in late 2015 due to the 2015 U.N. Climate Change Conference (COP21) held in Paris. At COP21, world leaders met to discuss what President Obama calls the “greatest threat to the planet.“ According to President Obama, the biggest global threat is not terrorism, human rights, or financial issues. It is climate change. Alternative energy sources were at the forefront of the conversation. In fact, many are arguing that technology advances in clean energy will be the solution to the climate change threat.

Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Alibaba’s Jack Ma, and other tech leaders have pledged a multibillion-dollar project to develop clean energy solutions. Such public commitments, powerhouse financial backing, and strong attention on fixing climate change indicate that the future of alternative energy companies is a bright one.

Therefore, clean energy companies, specifically in solar and wind energy, may be solid investments. The global focus and collaboration at the COP21 are positive signs for anyone considering an investment in clean energy.

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