First Week At Tackk HQ

Pretty awesome place to work.

Started working at Tackk as of last Tuesday (Jan 29th, 2013). Was supposed to start on Monday, but then I got sick.

Showed up on Tuesday and the stuff in the first picture was on my desk! An external screen, a laptop stand, Magic Mouse, Apple wireless keyboard. I think Christmas came again?

Since then, I have a couple of bug fixes that are now live, we've gone on a field trip to the Cleveland Museum of Art to code for an afternoon, learned about all of the codebase (and probably forgot 50% of it the next day), and already vocalized new ideas that could potentially be going out to the wild in the future.

Currently, we are working on building a version 2.0 of Tackk. So things are obviously exciting. I get to really help restructure the backend, clean up the front-end, and hopefully come out with a modular application that's easy to update and add new features too.

The last week at Tackk has been great and I'm super excited. I may continue creating Tackks to document the awesomeness that is at Tackk HQ. :) So stay tuned to #life@tackkhq.