Did you know we make 11 decisions about someone in the first 7 seconds of meeting them...

First Impressions 101

How many friends have you played the 'what did you think of me when you first met me' game? I'm assuming almost all of them. In fact, for myself I have noticed that most of my closest friends were people that I did not like at all when I first met them. Why is that? What exactly is going through our minds when we meet someone for the first time?

The study "Solomon, PhD, Psychologist, Chairman, Marketing Department Graduate School of Business, NYU," looks into what decisions and judgements are made in the first seven seconds of most initial encounters.

So what are these 11 decisions that are made?

  1. Education Level
  2. Economic Level
  3. Perceived Credibility, Believability, Competence and Honesty
  4. Trustworthiness
  5. Level of Sophistication
  6. Sex Role Identification
  7. Level of Success
  8. Political Background
  9. Religious Background
  10. Ethnic Background
  11. Social/ Professional / Sexual Desirability

It's all in the NUMBERS:

  • 93% of how you are judged during a first encounter is based off of non-verbal cues (your appearance and body language)
  • When your first encounter is over the phone, 70% of how you are perceived is based on your tone of voice and 30% on your words.
  • Studies show that people who walk 10-20% faster than others are viewed as important and energetic.

This article was extremely informative to myself and was sent to me by one of the career counselor at my school. It definitely makes you think about how you present yourself when you meet someone for the first time. Although some introductions are unpredictable as to when and where they will be, this article can be interpreted and used for individuals breaking into the word of business. So the next time that you head into a job interview, be sure to brush your hair a few more times, smile a little bigger, and stand a little taller because by the time you return your hand to your side after shaking hands with a recruiter he or she will have already drawn eleven conclusions about you.

Until next time,
Jessica Sadeckas

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