My first thoughts about Tackk

(So far, I think it is way cool)

Below, I will play with a few of Tackk's features.  Tackk basically allows you to make a one-page webpage that keeps on scrolling and scrolling.  You can add text, photos, links, videos, etc. as you go.  First up, I will add a photo from my Instagram account.

Ta-da. New year, new blog design, new post up about the tools I used to redesign the blog. Link in profile, of course.

I like that you can import photos from your computer, social media outlets, and other URLs (though, I couldn't get the URL function to work for me).  I also resized this photo on Tackk so it wasn't gigantic.  If you use your Instagram photos, you'll notice the captions carry over into Tackk.  By the way, ONLY use photos that make sense to your Fact Sheet Topic.  No puppy dog or bunny rabbit photos, ok?

Let's try another photo.....

I just added a photo using the "search" option and it was fairly easy.  There weren't a ton of choices for photos, so you might consider uploading my own photos from my computer.   

Next, I will try and add a link to a video (if you double-click on a word, by the way, you will bring up options to change the look of that word to italics or bold).  I went to Youtube and found my favorite video there.  About this video: I like to show this video in class to demonstrate the need to not just focus on "part" of the child, but the "whole child" when we are teaching them.  If you haven't seen this video, check it out.

I think you already know I keep a personal and professional blog, right?  I will use Tackk's "button" feature to add a quick button (and hyperlink to the blog):

I also used the right sidebar features to change the color, background color, font, etc. on this Tackk.  Be sure to pick colors and fonts that are 100% professional.

Your Fact Sheets have to include three or more professional resources.  Those are the sources where you get your research and information.  I would put those at the end of your Tackk. Maybe insert a "headline" to make your references stand-out.  See? Actually, "headlines" would be a great way to organize all the information in your Tackk for the Fact Sheet Assignment.


Snow days are A-OK.

I just realized I can add a bulleted list in Tackk; I might as well give that a try (to make a bulleted list, I clicked on a word).

  • Do you like Tackk?
  • How else would you use Tackk?
  • Are there other tools like Tackk you prefer?

All in all, I think Tackk is an interesting free, A-OK, web-tool. Let's give it a try this semester and see what we think. Notice, I have left on the "comments" section below. Feel free to add a comment about this Tackk and your thoughts about using Tackk in general.

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