Eyrn and Sidney's aquarium project


The fish we chose is the Long Fin Red Minor Tetra. We bought 5 fish (this fish prefers to be in groups of five or more), so we had to buy a fitting tank. The tank we chose is the medium tank, which is 600 inches cubed (in volume). the volume for the gravel is 1.5 lbs. its water temperature is 72-82 degrees. the biggest they get is 2 inches, so a medium tank is perfect.

About the Long Fin Red Minor Tetra:

The Long Fin Red Minor Tetra likes to swim in schools of five or more. It is an attractive, active fish that goes well with these fish (although sometimes they can be aggressive): Rasboras, catfish, non aggressive barbs and Gouramis. They are a beginner's level of fish-experience, making it easy to care for them. They tend to swim in the middle of the tank, and like to have their tank densely planted. Keep them well fed at all times.

a long fin red minor tetra.

(We had a budget of 700)

Fish: 5 long fin red minor tetras          3.99 each, 19.95 total

Tank: medium    225.00 total

Filter: #1002       55.00 total

Heater:   36.00 total

Light: size medium    50.00 total

Gravel: 2 bags of blue gravel     5.50 each     11.00 total

Plant: (1 of 2) B.M (I forgot the name at the moment) 15.00 total (15.00 each)

Plant: (2 of 2) C.S (also forgot the name at the moment) 1.50 each   3.00 total

Decoration: (1 of 2) castle 30.00 each     30.00 total

Decoration: (2 of 2) Roman ruins 40.00 each     40.00 total  

Total money spent: 483.95 out of 700.00

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