Fishy Fishy

by Matthew Castles and Mason McKibbon

The aquariums overall budget was $700, but we shockingly only spent $600.92

The Spotted African Leaf Fish are

The equation for the total fish cost is: 3n + 5r = 46.92

The leaf fish is carnivorous and eats aquatic crustaceans, worms, insect larvae, and small fish. They will hide most of the time and need plenty of cover areas such as hardy plants and bogwood. They are generally peaceful with fish of the same size and temperament, but may eat fish that are small enough to fit into their mouth. You will need 3 of these at $8.99 a piece ($26.97).

Long Fin Red Minor Tetra

Tetras are attractive, hardy fish that come in a variety of colorations and patterns. They are an active, peaceful, schooling fish that mix well with other community fish. They prefer to swim in schools of five or more. Tetras can share their aquarium with other community danios, rasboras, catfish and less aggressive barbs and gouramis. You will need 5 of these at $3.99 a piece ($19.95).

Our aquarium designs will provide fishy enjoyment.  The dimensions for the tank are 36" L x 15"D x 20"H. So, it's volume is 10,800 in. , and therefore the aquarium holds 46 gallons of water. The aquarium needs 12 bags of gravel or $66 worth.

rock cave decoration
castle bridge decoration

In the aquarium, we have two decorations. The first is the rock cave ($35) and the second is the castle bridge ($30)

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