Fishy wishy aquarium

Dylan Pursley and Brian Williams

Fantail Goldfish $3.39

Fantail Goldfish

Fantail goldfish will eat both plants and tiny, living creatures like small aquatic crustaceans and aquatic insect larvae.

You will see these fish swimming in the middle of your aquarium.

Never put fantail goldfish into a pond environment. They are at a distinct disadvantage with predators as well as other types of goldfish and koi.

Choose vegetable-based flake and pellet foods. Sinking foods are recommended to prevent gulping air during eating. Feed according to the directions on the packaging.

To boost the overall health of fantail goldfish, supplement their diet with plenty of fresh vegetables, such as zucchini, romaine lettuce and peas.

Decorate their aquarium sparsely with driftwood or rockwork, but be sure to leave a large, open area in the center of the aquarium for swimming. Since goldfish will eat live plants, opt for plastic plants instead.

These fish prefer fine gravel or sand substrate on the bottom of the aquarium. Since goldfish sift through the sand in search of food, larger grains of gravel may become lodged in their throats and can be difficult, if not impossible, to remove.


Choose a tropical flake or pellet fish food. Feed according to the directions on the packaging.

Angelfish will enjoy fresh or frozen bloodworms, brine shrimp and daphnia. Always remember to thaw frozen foods before feeding.

For optimum health, feed your angelfish as much food as they will consume in 1-3 minutes, twice a day. You can alternate between regular staple diet feedings and 2-4 meals per week of a specialty food.

Start with a 29-gallon or larger, tall aquarium. A good rule of thumb is one gallon of water for every one inch of full-grown fish.

Decorate their aquarium with rocks, driftwood and plants, but be sure to place them on the sides and back of the aquarium so they'll have enough space to swim in the center. Avoid d├ęcor with sharp edges.

Angelfish should not be housed with highly aggressive tank mates or fin nippers. They can share their aquarium with community gouramis, discus and other non-aggressive cichlids.

The Fish Tank

Something like this but with a Castle Bridge and a Mill Bubbler

We got the medium tank which is 36"L by 15"W by 20"H.
The tank costs $225 and it contains 47.25 gallons of water.
We bought a 60 gallon water filter for $70, a Water heater that will get from 65F to 93F for $36, and a 36" fluorescent tank light for $50.


Pebble Beach Gravel.

We had to buy 2 inches of gravel for our tank with a volume of 1080. We bought 15 bags of Pebble Beach gravel to fill the bottom of the tank which cost us $82.50.

Tank decorations

We have decorations for both the angelfish and the fantail goldfish because they both have the same personal preferences. They both needed driftwood, so we got normal driftwood. We got blue ribbon plants because it would fit in well with their new castle bridge!

The overall cost for everything was $597.02.
Our budget was $700
we saved $102.98.


A= Angelfish. B= Fantail Goldfish.

The equation is 4A+4B=6 fish.

The Fantail Goldfish costs $3.39 each, costing us $13.56.

The Angelfish costs $4.99 each, costing us $19.96.

The overall total for the fish was $33.52.

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