15 Fitness Habits to Establish in Your 20s

Of course your twenties are a time to live it up, explore your options, and do what you love.  But it is also a time to start practicing good fitness habits-doing so will ensure that you are healthier later on.

Fall in Love with Strength Training

This increases lean muscles and is great for your overall health.  It boosts metabolism, torches calories, eases back pain, helps you sleep, the list goes on.

Drink More Water

Sounds obvious, right?  It's not.  Most people still don't drink enough.  Drink up and stay hydrated to flush out toxins throughout your day!

Vary it Up

Don't do the same thing over and over again.  Do this to avoid boredom and so that your body does not hit a plateau.  Hike, do weight training, yoga, run, try intervals, or even go on a long walk with a friend.

Embrace Your Rest Day

Do not work out 7 days a week, or even attempt it.  Your body needs to recover in order to get effective returns on your work out days!

Learn Proper Form

You could risk injuring yourself at worst, and not get as much out of your workout at best.

Switch up your Running Shoes

Yes there are expensive, but a running-related injury will cost you more!

Refuel Properly Post-Workout

Your body craves a combo of carbs and protein within 30 minutes of working out.  Carbs will give you energy and protein will help repair your muscles.

Go to Random Gym Classes

Try new things-explore your options!  Even if you have never heard of it.  You could end up loving it!  The worst thing that could happen is you end up hating and and never going back, but at least now you know!

Stretch Before AND After

Three to give minutes on the front end and back end is enough-but you need to actually do it.  Otherwise, your muscles tighten up and you are setting yourself up for injury or soreness later.

Make it Part of Your Day

Schedule it so that you don't question its existence on your calender.  Just like your 3PM meetings, schedule your fitness!

Be Mindful

Pay attention to your body and what it is trying to tell you.  This can help you tine in to the things your body needs and is feeling.  Whether it is when you are eating or working out.

Invest in Good Workout Clothes

Research shows that when you feel confident in your appearance, that translates to your performance.  Also good quality will last longer and can even enhance your workout.

Do Either Yoga or Pilates

Do it for posture and flexibility.  These will help save you from the effects of sitting at your computer all day.

Choose Your Friends Wisely

Have friends that motivate you and want to help you reach your goals!  Not friends that will enable you to cheat and not make health a priority.  Even workout with a friend for that extra boost and enthusiasm during a workout.  It could even make it go faster.  Choosing active friends will make you follow suite.