Five of the Most Shocking and Worst Movie Set Disasters

There is no movie set or filming locations that are 100% foolproof to ensure safety. Accidents are inevitable and sometimes, the worst happens. Here’s some of the movie set disasters that shocked Hollywood.

1. Helicopter decapitated three actors in The Twilight Zone: The Movie

Vic Morrow and two child actors Myca Din Le and Renn Shin-Yi, aged 7 & 6 died and were decapitated by the blades of the helicopter used in the set. The helicopter was flying at a very low altitude it hit the pyrotechnics and blasted on its tail rotor causing it to spin out of control and crashed.

2. Brandon Lee was killed by a prop .44 Magnum in “The Crow”

Brandon Lee died after he was fatally wounded in the abdomen by a gun shot while filming The Crow. The gun was supposed to be a prop containing full gunpowder and not a bullet.

3. Vin Diesel's stuntman died when smashed on the bridge in “XXX”

In one of the movie’s filming locations, where a scene involved rappelling down a parasailing line, Harry L. O'connor, Vin’s stuntman, failed to rappel down fast enough on the line and hit a bridge instead of landing on a submarine. Connor died instantly and was caught on camera but was edited out as a form of respect.

4. Roy Kinnear died from heart-attack after he fell from a horse in “The Return of the Musketeers”

Roy Kinnear fell from a horse during the filming of this movie. He sustained a broken pelvis and was taken to the hospital. However, he suffered from a heart attack the following day that caused his death.

5. Brad Pitt’s tendon, and broken legs in “Troy”

So much for Achilles’ heel, indeed Brad Pitt tore his Achilles in a mishap during a production of Troy. George Camilleri, one the many casts of the movie suffered from a broken leg while filming an action sequence. His injury became more complicated which led to his death.

These accidents are clear reminders that safety and security are top priorities when setting up movie productions. These aspects should always be a work in progress and should never be taken with complacency. When scouting for filming locations,even if just looking at filming location directories like, the safety aspects of the location must be included in its features.