Five Antibullying Lessons + Activities

Promise to combat bullying in your school with these tools.

1. Gang Up for Good

Nothing wrong with putting a price on the head of bullying, right? Secret Mean Stinks (@meanstinks) wants to help curb the meanness by rewarding the Nicest Schools in America. The site offers tips, downloads and actions to take, tweet and share. Top five schools for antibullying actions win serious kudos.

2. Erase Meanness

Eric Johnson (@yourkidsteacher) asked his sixth-grade students a pointed question: How do you want to be remembered? He filled a whiteboard with "mean" words, like intimidate, repulse, rumor, reject. He showed them videos about bullying, shared personal stories and took them on a field trip to the middle school they'd up-grade to the next year. This, he emphasized, could be their fresh start. Then he gave the students a chance to change the words on the board, to change the way they might be remembered. See how Johnson taught the lesson and what it looked like in Ms. Thompson's (@acommaqueen) classroom.

3. Sticks and Stones

Using the texture of paper, personal reflection and a classroom full of students, this lesson plan leads kids to consider whether the saying, "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me" is actually true. Your class will construct a "hurting words" mobile while addressing bullying behaviors.

4. Don't be a Bystander

This week-long plan uses videos (available on YouTube) and calls-to-action that motivate students to take an active role in combatting bullying. Activities include giving compliments, declaring how you will make a difference and decorating classroom doors around the idea of taking action against bullying.

5. Think Before You Type

Sisters Lauren and Victoria Coaxum dare fellow teens (and everyone else, really) to think before they type. Their anti-cyberbullying organization aims to raise awareness of cyberbullying and ways to stop it. Each month, your students can take a new dare (like stating positive goals for the school year, apologizing to someone they've hurt, thanking someone who's helped them) and challenge themselves to be more awesome every day.

What antibullying lessons have you tried at your school?

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