five savory pumpkin recipes

Pumpkin seeds, pasta, chili, quiche and hummus

1. spicy pumpkin seeds

Simple and seasoned. Sugar and spice. Curried. Smoky. Salted. Make a batch of each pumpkin seed variety and you'll have a taste to satisfy every craving throughout your day.

2. pumpkin ravioli

Holy ravioli! Best part of this recipe is that it uses canned pumpkin, which means you can make it all year. Second best: the recipe includes a typo —"Pumpking"— which we're pretty sure was made by a blogger with great taste in beer.

3. smoky pumpkin chili

This recipe uses pumpkin puree to thicken its base, while paprika gives it a smoky flavor. Hearty eats! Yet one of the healthier meals on this season's menu. Make it!

4. pumpkin quiche

We've eaten so many egg-and-cheese varieties that we almost forgot how creative you can get quiche. Mix pumpkin and spice into this recipe for a delicious dish.

5. roasted garlic + rosemary pumpkin hummus

All your dreams. Coming true. In a hummus recipe. It's as dreamy as it sounds, even if you're not cray-cray about hummus. Eat it now.