Five unexpected ways we laughed at the status quo in January 2014.

1. The First Lady dunks on the Miami Heat.

Sure, Michelle Obama could stand by, dishing advice and stats on food, exercise and video games. But this First Lady takes "Let's Move" seriously. I mean, is she dunking on LeBron here or childhood obesity? Pow! (Full story.)

2. Cate Blanchett brings up a valid point.

Oh, snap. Who knew they allowed questions on the red carpet that don't involve fashion designers and elevator speeches? (Scoop.)

3. Cecily Strong delivers the truth.

The Weekend Update co-anchor makes us realize how all real news should be delivered on real news shows. SNL has new purpose. (Full story.)

4. Tina and Amy said that, went there.

There was a time when women didn't even host these things. Now, we're pretty sure Tina and Amy should host every thing. Every day. Ever. And be the ones who tell George Clooney what we're all thinking. (More.)

5. Joss Whedon explains why equality isn't a goal.

The director explains that gender equality isn't a concept nor something we should be striving for. Equality is a necessity. It's actually not funny at all, but Whedon brings some levity to the conversation before it gets juicy around 6:00. (Scoop.)