How to get crafty with Tackk.

Tips for artisans, bakers, soap, jewelry and candlestick-makers

Rumor has it you're one crafty mutha. You've set up your Etsy shop and taken a stand at your local craft fair. Now it's time to start marketing yourself to the world. And here are five ways it all starts with a Tackk.

1. Build a Business Page.

No need for web design skills (or a domain!) to post and maintain your own page. Brand your Tackk to your own look with our color palette and background options. Tell your story, sell products, list events (see this example). And be sure to share the heck out of it: Tackk is sharable across your social sphere, and spreading your word to nine networks is just one click away.

2. Sell What You Make.

Do you use PayPal? So does your Tackk. Use the money feature (click the + button, choose Money) to add items for sale directly to your Tackk. Link your listings to your PayPal account and there's no in-between.

3. Feature Products + Deals.

New products, deals and sales go here. Spotlight something new with photos, specs, shapes, sizes and colors. Post a deal (i.e., 1 soap for $8, five bars for $35) and special-offer it to your social or online customers, directly through your Tackk.

4. Tell Us How-To.

One way to promote your business is to make a name for yourself. Use Tackk to write tutorials and crafty how-to's for fledgling crafters. How-to's are uber sharable (so pinnable!) tidbits that can help get your name on future buyers' radars. Be sure to add a blurb back to your Tackk profile, so your growing fan base can keep up with your content and your inventory.

5. Turn Pins into Tackks.

Speaking of pins, ever see a project on a friend's pinboard and thought, "I could do that... so much better." Have at it! The best part of DIY is just that: you do it yourself. Walk through a pinnable project and tackk how you made it. And when you're done? Pin your version and then list that thing for sale!