Golfing Tips - When You Have the Yips

The yips are what professional golfers call apparent lapses in skill that causes golfers to be unable to hit the ball consistently, miss putts, and generally botch shots that they have made consistently before. Many professional golfers get the yips and miss putts that they could have made in their sleep and shank tee shots into the trees. Not much is understood about the yips, other than they are caused by the brain. Professional golfers have inexplicably missed makeable shots that they have made thousands of times before because of the yips. As veteran golfers say, “it’s all between the ears.”

If you’re an amateur golfer, you have probably gotten the yips before as well. What do you do when you simply can’t sink makeable putts anymore? The answer is not to throw your golf bag into the drink. You simply need to refocus on what made you successful in the past. Think about all the training you have done up to this point. Remind yourself of your strengths and tune out all the noise in your head that’s blocking your focus. Repeat the shots that have been giving you trouble until your muscles remember the exact feel of those shots. Developing this muscle memory will quell the noise in your mind and allow you to sink all the shots you have in the past under pressure.

Nicole Rose Yatsenick is an accomplished young golfer, and continues to enjoy the thrill of golf at every available opportunity.

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