EA to crack down on "FIFA 15" ultimate team efforts cheating

In a letter to the player's fifa 15 ultimate team coins letter, EA revealed will for "FIFA 15" Ultimate Team mode currency cheaters implemented initiatives. EA is determined to combat the use of bots to get the gold, and the players who sell and purchase these virtual currency on third-party sites.

Currency ultimate team mode can transfer the game and the players to get in the game, but you can not buy those currencies, but EA will not sell these currencies.

Purchase money and publicize the purchase money players will receive a warning first, and if caught a second time with the same behavior, that player's team and FIFA Points will be reset if the third was discovered will lead to permanent title.
Sell the currency and use robot software online players will be EA permanent title.
EA in the letter wrote:. "The concept of the ultimate team mode structure is designed to compete with other players, however, our data show that these robots move more than the number of searches carried out searches sum of the average player four times. this has seriously affected the player's gaming experience.
Robot using robot software and third-party services to automate the transfer and purchase items is a cheating. Were found using robots or scripts titles players will have been processed. "
From February 2014 to date, EA has already made thousands of FIFA Feng Ting account.

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