creative entry 3


this is Greneda an island nation that once in 1983 decided it was a good idea to keep several american students who were studying abroad captive needless to say the united states was not to happy and at 5:00 on october 25 operation URGENT FURY was under way the entire naval and reserves fleet of the united states descended on tiny little grenada and the government was ousted by the evening of the next day the Grenadian forces sustained 45 casualties to the U.S's 9 the entire military of grenada was either captured dead or wounded in this 24 hour invasion for 5 american citizens. well the obvious question is was it worth it? i believe absolutely unquestionably now this is where theatre comes in i believethat as a cast whether for fiddler or in class we have the responsibility to each other to sink or swim together if the rabbi in fiddler sucks but mendel is amazing no one cares because whenever mendel comes so does the Rabbi and i obviously dont want to make this about fiddler when its not it is about the idea of a cast mentality we should share a stronger bond then any sports team as you say all the time "this is your super bowl" . we are a unit we will conquer any and all performances must be an ensemble there is strength in numbers as you can see from history. also this is my favorite topic in all of history and i kind of want to celebrate the anniversary of operation urgent fury with this journal.