Email Etiquette Assignment

By: Carlos Villanueva

1. Don't send spam because its mean do send the same message indiscriminately.

2. Keep your language neutral don't be hurting someone online with mean words always keep your words clean that person can get hurt bad.

3. Avoid long sentences don't be sending long long long sentences let the person breath make sure you add periods.

4. Include a greeting every time you message someone greet them say hi, hey, but don't forget there name

5. Don’t use speak talk its bad because they wont under stand you somtimes and they might mis understand you and they might think you said something mean.

6. Mind your manners never get into a conversaytion that you are hey can i meet you or something mine your manners

7. Use a smile :) , a wink ;) when appropriate its okay to use them but when its oay not to hurt someones feelings.

8. Always include your name and subject on the message for they can know who it is and whats about.

9. Do not forward jokes to your teachers or your classmates its mean and wrong

10. Do not write in caps because it known to be screaming and it might make them feel bad.

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