Bruce Lee

Biography project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language arts class made by Cheyanne E.

Bruce Lee was born on November 27th, 1940 and died on July 20th, 1973.

Significant events in history that affected Bruce's life.

Everybody said that he couldn't create his own kung fu move.

Cerebral edema is what Bruce Lee suffered from. Which was affecting his life before he even knew he had it.

His father passing away in 1965.

In 1969 his daughter was born, and in 1965 his son was born.

Bruce's Childhood.

As a young boy Bruce always got beaten up at school so one day he started training so that the boys beating him up wouldn't do it anymore. Years passed and he became the fastest kicker and puncher to ever live.

People who influenced Bruce's life.

Brandon Lee- His son

Shannon Lee- His daughter

Linda Lee Chadwell- His spouse

Lee Hoi Chuen- His father

Robert Lee- His brother

Unique facts...

Bruce Lee was the 1958 HongKong Cha-Cha champion.

Bruce Lee survived a deadly spinal injury.

Bruce Lee was tougher than Chuck Norris and he also beat up Jackie Chan.

Bruce Lee was the only man who made up his own gung fu moves when everybody said he couldn't.

Bruce Lee could land a punch in 0.05 seconds.


1972- Inducted into black belt magazines for black belt hall of fame.

Bruce Lee accomplished his own style of gung fu called "Jeet Kunedo"

Bruce Lee starred in tons of Chinese and american movies, on very famous movie is called "enter the dragon"

Bruce Lee was the fastest kicker ever.

Bruce Lee was too strong for normal sized punching bags.

The theme of Bruce Lees life was...

The theme of Bruce Lees life was you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to. Everybody told him that he could not make up his gung fu move but he did.

Words of advice...

Turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones. (pg 256)

Art lives where absolute freedom is. (pg 260)

Its all in the state of mind. (pg 258)

Bruce Lees death. ^^

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