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Small schools in Japan resist closing

We all know Japan isn't the best place in the world. They don't have a ton of resources that they need to live but something is happening to there world. Small schools in Japan are trying to resist closing.

The schools in Japan that we are talking about are not very big. They only have 3 desks and there is only 2 classrooms. The middle school has eight students. The elementary school has six, and two of them, the only girls, are from the same family. The town that this is taking place in is called Aone; it is not a big town it is very small. In Aone only 638 people live there, there are two small stores and one restaurant. Many people lately have been moving out of small towns. Most people are moving to Tokyo where the schools are better quality. Many schools do not have a ton of students so they are trying not to close. It costs a lot of money to keep small schools open with not many people going there. There is not enough students for one class or event a soccer team.

While this isn't the most efficient way to run a school it does have its benefits. First of all, all students do well; with only a few students the teachers get to work one on one with each and every students whenever they need it. Second they always have food for there students. Lastly with the extra money they have they can easily do more stuff. For example they sometimes get to plant there lunch. This wouldn't work as well if they had a bigger school.

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