Manganese in plants

by: Paige Leonard and Catherine Cooley

Scientific Stats:

- Its found in the 7th row.

-Protons = 25

-Neutrons = 30

- Electrons = 25

- Mass = 54.93805 amu


Manganese is required in trace amounts for normaal growth/development

Where is it?

Occurs naturally in ground water and can be found in many types of rocks . Plant normally get in from the water.

Our nutrient and the plant!

-functions with the enzyme systems involved in breaking-down of carbohydrates, and nitrogen metabolism.

- It's necessary for chlorophyll formation, and without it, plants wouldn't be able to carry out essential cellular functions.

-Two signs are yellowing of leaves with the smallest veins staying green, and brown spots mat appear on surface of the leaf. This also gets confused with an Iron deficiency.

-If your plant is lacking Manganese, you need to drench water until about 1 cup (8 oz.) comes from the pot. wait one week, during that week, do not use any fertilizer. The nutrients in the soil will be sufficient until you begin fertilizing again.