K & MK Aquarium

Marykate Patafio & Kinsey Tunison


We have chosen a lot of fish for our aquarium. The kinds vary from a Micky Mouse Platy to a simple Anglefish.

Micky MOUSe Platy

The Micky Mouse Platy are very nice and result in no conflict at all. Because they were only 1.00, we bought 9. Which brings our total so far to 9.00. The also need a medium size tank with temperature ranging from 72 to 82 degrees F. They eat freeze dried flakes and get up to 3".


The anglefish are a very common species of fish. They can be agressisve at times but its not likely. They eat frozen freeze dried flakes and can get up to 6". They need a medium size tank and also the heater needs to be 76-86 degrees f. Because of this information, we only bought one. Which makes out total 4.99.

Fantail Goldfish

The Fantail Goldfish are not aggressive at all and can grow up to 6". They eat pellets and flake. They need to be in 64-75 degrees of water. They will need a medium size tank. They are 3.39 and we only bought one so that will be our total.

long fin red minor tetra

These fish are very easy to take care of because they are NOT aggressive. They will grow up to about 2". They also need a medium  size tank  and the water temp. needs to range from 72-82 degrees. These fish cost 3.99 and we only bought one.

Fancy goldfish (carrot)

These fish are quite expensive. They cost 32.99 so we decided to only get one. They eat flake and pellets. They can grow up to 6". They are very nice and the temperature has to be 64-75 degrees.


We purchased the medium sized tank and that costed 225.00. THe dimensions were 36" L x 15" D x 20" H. That all rounds up to 453.63. The total formula will be V= 10,800/1728= 3.25ft cubed x 7.5. That will come out to 47 gallons needed.


The gravel was 5.50 each. We needed 15 bags, which adds up to a total of 82.5. V= 20 x 15 x 1.5= 450.

d├ęcor/ plants

We got 6 different decorations\ plants because of the size of tank. Below is the information.

jungle pod / corkscrew

Because we only bought one jungle pod and four corkscrews, so our total will be 18.00.


We got the coral tall, volcano, mill bubbler, and the Asian pagnoda. Which means our total will be 110.00.


filter- 70.00


light- 50.00

total- 156.00


With all of our products combined, we have used 645.86. Which means you have about 54 dollars left.

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