By yours truly: Kaitlyn Gullet

How He Was Discovered

         He was discovered in the Otztal Alps by a couple, Erika and Helmut Simon, from Germany. They had decided to take a short-cut and went off the marked path. As they were walking they noticed something brown that they thought was rubbish, but it was the lovely human named Otzi. Soon, he and the objects around him would create fame.

The Archaeologists Findings

            The first time that Otzi had been in a laboratory it was after Austrian police retrieved the mummy in 1991. The examiners made a large laceration around the torso for their research, along with small gashes on his back, top of cranium, and on his legs. Unfortunately where he was found was on the Italian side as well with Austria so the body and artifacts were transferred to Bolzano. Throughout the years, many but less intrusive investigations of the carcass were overseen, containing a x-ray, CT scan, and an evaluation of the Iceman's DNA. The most amazing discovery came in 2001, when a district radiologist named Paul Gostner observed a something that no one had seen: an arrowhead hidden in Otzi's left shoulder, notifying us that he was shot from behind. Work by Gostner and his colleagues with better CT devices shed some light on the arrow that punctured a major artery in the thoracic cavity, creating a loss of blood that was deadly. The Iceman had been a victim in a murder and it seems like someone wanted him dead because they got what they wanted.

The Autopsy

In Otzi's autopsy they found that he did not die immediately. The pollen and food analysis identified that he was out of home when murdered. He had cuts and bruises on his hands and contusions on his head. Scientist believe that the arrow shaft was removed and the arrow head stayed all a while they bashed his head in possibly with a rock. They found traces of four other people's blood on his gear. One on his knife, two on the same arrowhead, and fourth on his coat. Some assumptions are Otzi killed two people with his arrowhead and may have carried a wounded friend on his back. So that may be why he way able to stew his last meal he was eating dinner with his murderer.

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