The world in 1450: Changing balance of world power.

As China’s power declined in the East there was a rise of power in the West, and with the new surge in the West new technological advances came about, and exploration became prominent.

Key changes in the Middle East

- Turks conquered Constantinople

- Falling byzantine and Islamic caliphates

- Changed into Manor styled society

- Mongols had power throughout middle east and Asia


- Chinese peasant revolts started the Ming Dynasty; unrest all throughout.

- China flourished through trade; pushed out Mongols

The rise of the west

- Europe rises to power through Renaissance

- Medieval culture transformed; new gains through innovation; trade, culture, cities flourished

- Contact with Asia introduced new govt. and scientific ideas

- Bubonic plague

- Church gradually fell

- Futile monarchy strengthened

- Europe dependent on gold because of Asian trade

- Inquisition in Spain and Portugal

Western expansion: the experimental phase

- Advancement in technology lead to more exploration

- Spain and Portugal began expanding into newly discovered places.

Outside the world network

- Europeans employed new technologies to explore; Americas experienced breakdown

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