Thing 5 Quest 5

Safe & Secure

The school owns all the computers and devices given out in technology. The school also owns all accounts given out to the student or staff. Do not harm the computer or purposly download malware or harmfull software to the computer or device. Do not visit non school approved not download  any forign software. Do not play games on the school computer. Do the assignments given by the teacher. Don't harm the computer.Or break it by doing prohibited things. Also Be responsible for your account. Don't post bad things about others and  be respectfull to others and your teacher. Don't log into other people's accounts. Or make threatining posts ot others. don't swear or use profanity when posting. Do not copy copyrighted software off of school computers. Don't use mp3 players or other devices in technology. Do not steal computers or other property of the school.Do not give out your usernames and passwords to people online. Never give your name out to people you do not know. Never post bad things about Aca online or anywhere

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3 years ago

This reads too much like a LIST. Please consider proper paragraph format, and write it as you would a paragraph about a book or movie you've read. It may be helpful to imagine how you'd discuss the AUP with a new student at ACA.