the story

This story is about a young boy named Billy Elliot he lived whith his brhoter, father and grama but his mom past away recently.

Billy was in boxing class four 50 pens but than one day he was told to give mrs. Wilkinson how taught ballet a key. He danced a litle bit whith the girls. After that he started to take his boxing money to ballet class.

Than later his dad realized that Billy was not taking boxing classes. And realized that he was taking balett classes  insdead. He got very mad and told Billy that he could not take ballet classes anymor and that he could not se mrs. Wilkinson anymore. But Billy did not lisen to him. Then mrs. Wilkinson took Billy to ballet classes to practes for a audition in the royal ballet school in London. Then his dad noticed that Billy was still taking ballet classes and then he did not let him go to the auditions But finally wen his dad saw him dance he wanted him to go to the audition. He helpt Billy rase the money four the audition. And then they went together and billy got in but his dad and Tony lost the strike. Billy became a professional dancer in the end.


Billy wanted to dance ballet but his dad thought that ballet was a girls sport and wanted billy to box like his brother, dad and grandpa.But then he saw his son dance and he saw how good and how much passion and loved Billy had four dance.

Tony  was protesting the strike and the police hit him and then arested him for protesting and Tony had to pay 100 pounds fine.

Billy´s dad was going to the miner to get money four Billy´s audition but Tony stopped him.


There is no such thing as a boy and girl sport, an always do what you want and love to do and don´t let anybody stop you.

Eftir Andreu og Söru.

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