Legacy Project

BY: Rebecca

The Legacy Project, the big assignment right before leaving, explaining how you've done, how you've shown certain characteristics, about how much better you are than somebody else. Well, it's quite funny, because maybe, just maybe, you aren't better. What if that other person is actually seen as better than you. But that doesn't mean you have to go against them, to show everyone you are better, you are just good enough. Everyone has their strengths, and everyone had their weaknesses, you can't change who you are, I cannot choose who I am, and you are more than what you show. What if, I just put this thought out there, and say that nobody is better than anybody. You are who you are, you can do what you can do, you can like what you like. I will not say I am better than anyone, but I will still explain how I've improved, and how I am showed, or seen as, once I leave Allan Drive. And I kind of have to, because it's part of my mark, it won't be perfect, but who is.

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