A heroic figure

Odysseus is a very heroic figure on his voyage to the Cyclops's island.

Odysseus shows many heroic qualities like courage on his journey. When the Cyclops returns to his cave that was ravaged for food by Odysseus and his crew, Odysseus puts himself in between the Cyclops and his crew risking his life. Odysseus also shows another trait, friendliness. Odysseus , instead of fighting the Giant to meet his impending doom, tries to reason with the Giant to leave. Although Odysseus shows that he is honorable in only taking 12 men aboard the island, he shows his extraordinary cleverness. While watching his men get eaten 2 at a time each day by the Cyclops, Odysseus hatches a plan. In the story it describes how Odysseus, with the help of his men, take the Cyclops' club, shape and harden it into a spear. So when the Cyclops comes back, Odysseus offers up the unfiltered wine that he brought along to the Cyclops. Becoming sleepy, t.he Cyclops slept Odysseus took the spear and shoved it into the Giants eye. The Cyclops, calling his friends for help, say, "Help! Nobody is harming me." This turns his friends away laughing. He also shows his cleverness by hiding under the bellies of the sheep to escape.