Nick and akhil

India is a big country. The population of India is 1,236,344,631. This is the total as of  July 2013.  Life expectence is excepted to be up until 64 years old. The poverty line for India is around 11.8 percent. The unpolment rate for India is 8.8 percent.67 million people use the internet. Some changes that India faces are fixing a bad government and trying to figure out how to expand the country. The gross national product is 4.749 trillion. Indian clutre is very religion based. Everything that happens within the country is some how tie in to god. They culture is known for being loud and very colorful. India national language is Hindu. Although there are about 10 more different languages and they are spoke threw out different region. Religion in India is Hindi. There are some who practice Buddhism and Christianity but mostly is hundisum. That is the belief I'm witch your are rencarted and you have multiple life's and you are reborn based on how you act in life now (aka karma). As for the government in India they are a federal republic with 28 states.


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