Noah Kilpatrick

15 year old boy bullied by his two teachers.

i researched a 15-year old boy Noah Kilpatrick in Upstate New York in Faith Fellowship Christian School who was teased by his two teachers for month's because his an Canadian and because of that he became depressed, prompting his mother to pull him out of school. They’d say things like ‘Canada’s full of communists. They club baby seals. That his opinion doesn’t really matter because his a Canadian, Noah Kilpatrick class meet's stared to follow the two teacher's lead and join in on the bullying his mother decibel it was time to talk to the school's lead pastor Mike Bartholomew, who acts as superintendent. She told him that she believed Noah had become depressed as a result of how he was being treated by his two teachers. later his mother got a phone call by Bartholomew, saying he had ordered the two teachers to leave Noah alone for the rest of the school year. But when Noah returned the next day, he felt the teachers were ignoring him. they didn’t bug him about being Canadian but now he still feels ostracized and punished for what he did, instead of righting a wrong. so Noah's mother pulled him out of school in mid-May and then approached a local TV station about the ordeal. After going public with Noah’s story, his mother said the family is thinking of leaving Water town and moving back to Ottawa where they have relatives. Noah is now completing his schooling at home by enrolling in online courses, and said he hopes to become a teacher himself one day. and Noah said

"After all that I’ve seen, I want to show that there are good teachers out there,"

In the future we can prevented that similar issue by one of the class ment would stand up and say it's not right and don't join in on the bullying like standing up for someone who is begin bullied for begin a Canadian instead of just watching it going on.

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