Landing On Neptune

You will have the best time of your life!

How To Be Safe On Neptune!

Neptune is a pretty planet blue and purple mixed to together! But, how much do you really know Neptune? The eighth planet from the sun, Neptune was the first planet located through mathematical predictions rather than through regular observations of the sky. Nearly 2.8 billion miles from the sun so you will need to make sure you bring a lot of fuel to get there! Neptune orbits the sun once every 165 years! That's a long time!!! It is invisible to the naked eye because of its extreme distance from Earth. Neptune doesn't have gravity, so make sure you bring heavy weights, so you won't fly away into space! Neptune’s atmosphere extends to great depth, gradually merging into water and other “melted ices” over a heavier, solid core. Neptune is a more vivid, bright blue, so there must be an unknown component that causes the more intense color that we see. The cause of Neptune’s bluish tinge remains a mystery.

Make sure you bring a thermal suit and helmet because Neptune’s winds are three times stronger than Jupiter’s and nine times stronger then Earth’s. That must be cold! Also Neptune doesn’t have oxygen, so bring a oxygen tank! On Neptune’s southern hemisphere is a large oval, dark storm. Neptune has 13 known moons. Plus it is very huge! Oh, I almost forgot, bring lots of food, water, and the Camelback to survive! If you bring these things and follow my instruction I'm sure you will have a pleasant journey, have a nice day!

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