Taiwan Plane Crash 2/4/15

Today, February 4, 2015, there was a plane crash in Taiwan. The TransAsia Airway flight made a call saying that the plane had engine problems. While the plane was going down, it clipped a bridge. The plane landed unsafely into a river in Tapei. There were 58 people at take off and 15 in the life boats. There were 31 deaths and 12 people missing. I predict that the people that are missing have died because the facts state that the plane crashed in the water. So, the passangers might have drowned in the river. This tragic event has just occured today, there might be some further research done in the next couple of days.

This is where the plane crashed. It crashed in a river in Tapei, Taiwan.

This is the plane that was crashed in Taiwan.
This is a picture of the route that the plane was taking.
This is a picture of the survivors in the life boats coming out of the plane.
This is the damage that the plane crash has done.
This is a picture of the rescue team.
This is of the plane slowly clipping the bridge.

This is a video of the crashing into the bridge.

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