Twin Cities Start Up Weekend

June 16-18 @ St. Catherine University

Think: A barn raising party for the common good!

2017 Twin Cities Startup Weekend for Education (TCSWEDU) is a 54 hour event that brings together passionate problem solvers, educators, entrepreneurs, developers and designers to help design and produce viable solutions, products, services, or tools that solve some of education’s most pressing problems.

Pitch to prototype in 54 hours! No experience required!

Hosted on the beautiful St. Catherine University campus--and committed to having women for at least half of all participants and leaders over the weekend.

We need well-rounded diverse teams for the best potential for success. Any background in creating a start up, programming, education, business, marketing, communication, human services, IT, creative problem solving, societal issues, policy development, science, engineering etc. will be useful at this event. Bring what you have. Leave with more skills, friends, connections, ideas than you came with.

Limited child care support available on a first come first served basis (sign up right away if this is a need you have in order to attend!).


On Friday night, ANYONE with any idea related to education has 60 seconds to pitch it to the whole group. From there, participants vote and form teams around the boldest ideas. After that, it’s all about action!

Saturday and Sunday serve as work time where teams are expected to:

  • Validate their ideas by interviewing potential customers
  • Receive expert 1-1 mentorship
  • Develop a business strategy
  • Build a prototype
  • Develop a final pitch presentation

TCSWEDU culminates on Sunday night with a Shark Tank-style 5 minute pitch to a panel of entrepreneur judges.

Join the movement!


54 Clock Hours for Teachers!

7 Great Meals

Excellent PD for creative problem solving, business development and education

Expanded network of energetic passionate people

Unique Resume Content

Potentially: A new career as a successful start up entrepreneur!